Reformed Motion Pilates

Boutique Pilates Studio and Matwork Classes in and around Yatton Keynell in Wiltshire


The most widely recognisable form of Pilates.
Class sizes are kept small so that everyone receives and benefits from individual instructor guidance and correction. 
As well as the mats we use small pieces of equipment such as therabands, softballs, massage balls, magic circles, blocks and cushions to aid and enhance the exercises. 
"Pilates teaches you to be in control of your body and not at it's mercy" - Joseph Pilates

Equipment Pilates

Matwork is just one aspect of Pilates. Joe Pilates created many pieces of large studio equipment to develop and enhance his method. Originally designed for rehab of injured soldiers, these amazing pieces of equipment can be used either to support and assist in the Pilates motions, or to resist and challenge. They permit you to move in ways which would otherwise not be possible and whatever level you may be at, Equipment Pilates will add a whole new dimension to your training.
The Reformed Motion Studio includes Arc Barrel, Wunda Chair, and Reformers.
Individual and duo equipment sessions are available. 


Tailored lessons for the individual, couple, or group.
There are many reasons to choose Bespoke Pilates training:
Work in your own way at your own pace.
Work around injury or illness.
Greater flexibility of lesson time.
Private classes with partner, family or a select group of friends.
Specialist training for specific populations.
What would suit you?

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